Who we are...
Dave McLellan Designs is located in Nevada City California, in
the heart of the gold country

Photography can be a personal exploration. Endless options
and technical knowledge focused on a subject only the
photographer can see. It is always our desire to improve these
skills so we can successfully capture and share that pure,
perfect moment.

We enjoy being  part of these moments, to feel the world
breathing with us. What we like to call the "ZenOptic"
approach to our art.

It is also a journey that is enjoyable with company.
Please visit this site and marvel at the images it contains.


Thank you for joining us. We are excited to share our images
with viewers and prospective customers like you.

All images are copyrighted. Shareable (low to mid resolution) images are
freely available for your personal use. Professional enlargements and a
variety of framing options are available at
Custom Prints and Framing.
contact me for commercial use licensing.

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Dave McLellan Designs